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Carolina Solorzano

I grew up watching the lava eruptions of the Arenal Volcano and the arrival of the first tourists to my beloved town of La Fortuna. The hot springs were family outings since I was a child and walks in the forest, my favorite activity. Costa Rica is a privileged place for its diversity, in a few hours you can travel from the rain forest, go through the cloud forest and reach the most beautiful beaches… yes! ALL on a one day trip! I love the experiences that my country offers and that is why I travel a lot to get to know every corner! I enjoy exploring the forest on a hike, eating a delicious plate of food, swimming near a waterfall in the middle of the forest, or just sitting and enjoying a sunset on the beach with my children. Corcovado National Park my favorite place. It is so full of wildlife and the experience of walking until you are completely cut off in the middle of the jungle is unique! I love sustainable tourism, rural experiences, and social projection, that's why I try to involve a lot of local families, sustainable projects, and authentic experiences in each of my travel itineraries. My recommendation is to always contact a local expert! There is so much to do and we can help make your trip to Costa Rica an experience!

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