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Vanessa Willing

Vanessa always has a bag packed and ready to go! Vanessa decided early on that the best education was to see the world and meet its people! Born and raised on the West Coast of the United States she grew up exploring the Pacific on camping trips with her family. After some work with event planning, she bought a one-way ticket to Chile and backpacked her way through Central and South America. Her love for travel made her seek out a position as a tour guide leading groups through Costa Rica and Central America where she fell in love with the Pura Vida spirit and decided to hang up her backpack and stay a while! Vanessa has traveled extensively from Coast to Coast in Costa Rica and is a true Destination Expert. Twenty years later she still is in love with Costa Rica and still is the first to get out her Camera when she sees a monkey!

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Let’s go hiking

Whether hiking is your thing or not, our magnificent trails with even better views will make you want to put on your sneakers and start walking.

Costa Rican Coffee Plantations

Costa Rica is a country that has countless natural resources, but, without a doubt, highlight one among all of them: its coffee plantations. These have become a benchmark and review of the country since they get the most appreciated gold for all Costa Ricans: their...

The butterfly sanctuaries you should visit

Costa Rica is a country known for its biodiversity, it is important to know that this country hosts 1500 species of butterflies, almost 90% of all species of Central America and 16% of the total world population. For this reason, it is very easy to find different...

A unique and beautiful experience with sea turtles

Sea turtles have inhabited the land for more than 100 million years, in their long stay on the planet, they have managed to survive various climatic changes such as glaciations. Despite having overcome all this, today by actions caused by the same man, they are in...