Costa Rica: Love for Soccer

October 4, 2019

Much like any other country in South and Central America, Costa Rica and its people are very passionate about soccer – ‘futbol’ in Spanish. The National Stadium (Estadio Nacional) in San Jose is always packed with fans whenever Costa Rica’s national team, La Seleccion or “La Sele” plays and there is nothing more important for them on that day than to see their team win.

Costa Rica has a long-standing football culture and tradition. The first match with the national team took place in 1921 and from there many matches have been played. 

La Sele has qualified for several World Cups in 1990, 2002, 2006 and 2014.

Costa Rica’s professional league is called Primera División. It was founded in 1921. 

The league is composed by 12 teams, with Saprissa, Alajuelense and Herediano being the most successful. As goes with any sports team that has a dedicated fan base, the rivalry between teams can be fierce. Saprissa is direct rival to La Liga and when they play against each other the whole country is paying attention to the game..

“Los ticos” encourage their team in every single game, taking the chance to sit, relax and enjoy with friends and family; either in their homes or hanging out in some bar, most people tries to find the perfect spot to enjoy the game and share some spare time with others.

It is actually this tradition what makes football a highlighting activity for Costa Ricans, you can ask around and everyone will tell you the same, they love celebrations and parties in name of football.

Ticos love to play sports, and there’s no more popular game in Costa Rica than soccer – although the locals call it football. Nothing rivals Ticos’ passion for soccer, and the fans here are some of the most devoted in the world.