Exploring Pachamama: Costa Rican Wellness & Spiritual Community

December 4, 2019

Costa Rica is a powerful tourism magnet because of its beaches and its natural beauty, however in recent years, the country has gained worldwide fame in another tourism direction known by many as “spiritual tourism” “wellness tourism” and even “tourism for the mind “.

These are places that offer an alternative lifestyle, remote, surrounded by nature and determined as sanctuaries for meditation, yoga and rituals of spiritual and emotional connection.

Founded in December 1999 by Tyohar and fellow travelers, PachaMama is situated on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley. It is an oasis of an alternative lifestyle for a deep voyage into healing, self-acceptance, and expansion of consciousness. 

PachaMama is also an intentional and alternative off-grid village where people live their normal lives in harmony with nature. There is no belief system practiced here, rather a safe space is created for each fellow traveler to shed old layers, transcend limitations, and discover wholeness. The Six Pillars that hold this alternative way of life are Meditation, Emotional Healing, Physical Rejuvenation, Native Ceremonies, Ecological Living, and Mystical Musical Journeys.

Overall, it’s clear that from the moment you step foot into Pachamama, to the moment you leave – that this community has been intentionally designed for those who genuinely seek a path toward restoration and healing. Those who wish for respite from their busy, stressful lives will not be disappointed by this unique and ecological gem.