Movies Made in Costa Rica

November 18, 2019

Costa Rica may not have a large film industry, but many film productions have been made here, as well as many film plots have been set in this country.

Thanks to its natural wonders and the variety of places and landscapes, Costa Rica has managed to increase the interest of directors. On the other hand, filming in the country has been a type of publicity for the nation, becoming a reference point for other film producers and for people who want to visit the country, especially after having seen the movies on the big screen.

Here some movies shooted in Costa Rica:

Spy Kids 2

Island of Lost Dreams, a movie from 2002, has been a huge blockbuster favorite among kids and adults alike. The fast-paced action is addicting, so of course they chose an active, adventurous country to help set the stage. Costa Rica’s most popular National Park, Manuel Antonio Park, was chosen as the Island of Lost Dreams. 

Suicide Squad

Very few people know this 2016 superhero action film was shooted in Costa Rica. At the beginning of the film, during the introduction of archeologist June Moone, played by Cara Delevingne, all background shots are views in Costa Rica. 

After Words

This movie isn’t just filmed in Costa Rica, it’s actually set in this beautiful tropical country as well. Academy Award winner Marcia Harden from 50 Shades of Grey stars in this tropical flick. Escaping a mid-life crisis, our star travels to Costa Rica to find herself, and finds a friend in the process. 


In 2003, a DEA agent searches for a missing legendary ranger, and his investigation takes him through some wild Costa Rican surroundings. Starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, this fast-paced movie is as wild and genuine as its country of filming. 

After Earth

The 2013 film narrates a science fiction tale starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, and was shot entirely in Costa Rica. If you’re a fan of the La Fortuna area, this may be for you. Be ready for special effects and apocalyptic shots, but the beauty of the country still shines through.