The gastronomy of Costa Rica

October 11, 2019

Costa Rica has a good and varied cuisine, many of its meals are composed of rice and beans, meats such as pork, chicken, beef and fish. Many vegetables, legumes, and tropical fruits. Their recipes usually transmit the generation in generation, thus always maintaining the way to prepare traditional dishes without losing customs over the years.

The “tico” breakfast consists of a combination of rice and black beans known as gallo pinto, which is usually accompanied with eggs to taste, corn tortillas and sour cream (custard) and a big variety of fruits.

For lunch you have the “casados”, it consists of white rice, beans, ripe fried plantain, salad, white cheese, vegetable hash and a selection of meat, chicken or fish. We leave the restorative soups for dinner.

The desserts are caramel or coconut flan, pineapple empanadas, chiverre, rice pudding, chiricalla, coconut cajetas and various types of cakes.

Soft drinks and natural shakes are the options for the day. But if we want to try indigenous drinks of indigenous origin, we opt for Chicheme, prepared with fermented corn, ginger and black candy, Chinchiví made with sugar cane broth, coyol wine, which is a drink derived from palm sage of fermented coyol, among others.

In recent years, gastronomy in Costa Rica has been strengthened with new chefs, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, critics and the public who are looking for new options to do one of Costa Rica’s favorite activities: eat or drink coffee.

Gourmet options, artisanal, microenterprises, fusion cuisine, organic establishments are some of the innovations that have come in the area of ​​gastronomy in Costa Rica.