Why is Costa Rica a great destination to get married?

December 1, 2019

It is known that Costa Rica is a highly requested destination among many tourists around the world, all for its beautiful beaches, its majestic mountains, volcanoes, for its flora and fauna and for the endless activities that are offered to have the experience of a unique connection with the jungle and nature.

However, with the passing of time, tourists have taken advantage of the treasures this country offers to make it an unforgettable part of their lives. And this is how more and more couples from around the world decide Costa Rica as the perfect destination to celebrate their wedding.

Costa Rica is an attractive destination for weddings due to its excellent natural landscape options such as mountains and beaches, with beaches being the favorite destination of foreign couples to celebrate their ceremony with the beautiful sunsets.

Each year, different hotels in the country offer wedding packages for tourists and their families, with competitive prices and a wide range of services, such as planners that help to carefree the bride and groom for wedding preparations.

Not only hotels can offer this type of services. In Costa Rica, you will find several wedding planners specialized in weddings for foreigners, where together they can prepare an unforgettable wedding, to the taste of the bride and groom with the best wedding providers in the country.

In addition to all these advantages, couples do not need to worry too much about their honeymoon, as Costa Rica offers endless activities and tours to get to know the country and take with them the experience of “Pura Vida!