Costa Rica Typical Meals

November 26, 2019

If biodiversity is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of Costa Rica, the second thing should be exquisite food. The country that stands out for its incredible beaches and volcanoes, also stands out worldwide for its cuisine. Its simple but colorful dishes are made of rice, beans, corn and fresh ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables.

Typical food of Costa Rica is a mixture of infuences, starting by food inherit from the indigenous as well as the spanish cuisine and the african.

Some of the typical meals are:

Gallo pinto: Known as the national dish of Costa Rica, the gallo pinto is essentially cooked beans and rice, mixed together. It sounds simple, but its flavor is addictive, as it combines and matches with other ingredients, such as pepper, coriander and onion.

The Casado: One of the main traditional dishes of Costa Rica, it is not a singular dish, but a dish consisting of several foods. Therefore, if you order a Casado in any restaurant, prepare for a combination of flavors, since in your plate will include: rice and beans, salad, fried bananas, also fresh fruit or vegetables and a choice of beef, chicken, pork or fish.

La Olla de carne: Another of the traditional dishes of Costa Rica that is distinguished by its variety of flavor with exquisite and fresh ingredients. It is the combination of meat and various types of vegetables such as: carrot, potato, yucca, chayote, ñampí, corn, ayote, tiquizque and plantain.

Chifrijo: One of the traditional dishes of Costa Rica that is served in bars, especially in the capital, San José, where it was first created. The name is a combination of two main ingredients: pork rinds and beans.This plate also includes rice and fresh pico de gallo, all served in a bowl and accompanied by homemade tortilla chips or avocado slices.

Tamales: If you plan to visit Costa Rica in December you should try this typical dish of the Christmas season. It is prepared with a corn dough, stuffed with meat or pork, vegetables to taste and wrapped in a banana leaf. This traditional country dish can be accompanied with coffee or with Rompope: alcoholic, creamy and sweet drink prepared with rum.

This is just a small list of the great variety of traditional Costa Rican dishes, we invite you to try all the dishes that Costa Rican cuisine has to offer.