Best Things to Do at Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is a beautiful spot, and we want to help you make the most of your trip here. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Tamarindo:

Visit Nearby Beaches

Tamarindo beach is close to other popular tourist destinations such as Playa Langosta, Playa Flamingo, Playa Negra, and Playa Avellanas. You can easily spend an entire day at Tamarindo Beach and then head to another beach for more fun.

Additionally, consider visiting Playa Conchal and Playa Grande during your trip. If you’re interested in turtle watching, Playa Grande is a must-visit destination, where you can spot sea turtles in the Las Baulas National Marine Park.

Take a Surfing Lesson

Tamarindo is known for its waves and surf. If you’re looking to learn how to surf, plenty of local surf schools will help you learn how to catch waves. And if you’re an experienced surfer, this is the place for you!

Tamarindo beach offers some of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica—and possibly even the world! 

Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an excellent way to see some of the area’s natural beauty from a unique perspective. You’ll get to see the beach from above, as well as some of the surrounding mountains and forests. 

Scuba Diving

The waters off of Tamarindo Beach are teeming with marine life, which means you’ll see some incredible sights while scuba diving in this area. You’ll find plenty of spots where it’s easy for beginners to dive deep down into the water without having any problems.

Watch the Sunset

Tamarindo Beach is home to some of the most amazing sunsets in Costa Rica. The sunsets are typically accompanied by colorful clouds, giving them an almost otherworldly quality. 

For the ultimate Tamarindo sunset experience, we highly recommend taking a Catamaran tour. It offers a unique vantage point to admire the spectacular colors of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Experience Tamarindo’s Nightlife

Tamarindo offers plenty of nightlife, with several bars and restaurants. You can listen to live music and enjoy delicious drinks while watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. You can also try one of the many seafood restaurants in town that offer creative takes on local cuisine.

Best Things to Do at Avellanas Beach

Playa Avellanas is a beautiful and serene beach perfect for a day trip or an overnight stay. This place is excellent for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. As one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beach towns, it has plenty of things to offer everyone.

Here are some of our favorites:

Go snorkeling

Avellanas Beach has some of the best snorkeling in the world. You can rent equipment from one of the local dive shops.

Take a Walk Along the Beach

If you’re looking for some downtime after all that snorkeling and diving, go ahead and take a stroll along Playa Avellanas. The water will be warm and inviting, and there are plenty of exciting things to see along the way!


Surfing is popular here. There are also plenty of surf lessons available. If you want to try surfing yourself, this is your best bet!

Go fishing

Avellanas has several fishing villages along its coast, where you can charter a boat or go out with locals who know exactly where to find the best fish in the area.

Sunset sailing

The best way to see the sunset is from the water. Playa Avellanas has several sailing companies that will take you out on the water, so you can watch the sun sink into the ocean as you enjoy a glass of wine or a beer.

Watch leatherback sea turtles

Try to spot a leatherback sea turtle at Playa Avellanas. The beach is an important nesting ground for these endangered animals, and you can often see them swimming in the water or laying eggs on the sand.

Try some local cuisine

Head over to one of the restaurants serving seafood dishes from their own kitchens or from local fishermen who bring their catch daily from offshore fishing boats. One of the most popular places to eat out is Lola’s restaurant.

Take part in cultural and sustainability activities

You can volunteer at a turtle conservation center such as Verdiazul and make your part in the conservation of Leatherback turtles. Also, you can visit Rancho Avellanas, a goat farm where you can learn about the manufacture of artisan cheese while building a sustainable farm ecosystem.

Tamarindo beach, Costa Rica
Hanging bridges Costa Rica
Hanging bridges Costa Rica
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Hanging bridges Costa Rica
Hanging bridges Costa Rica
Tamarindo - Avellanas
Tamarindo - Avellanas
Tamarindo - Avellanas
Tamarindo - Avellanas
Tamarindo - Avellanas

Want Help Planning a Trip to Tamarindo or Avellanas?

Playa Avellanas and Tamarindo are the perfect destinations for your next vacation. You’ll find miles of pristine shoreline, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and various activities to enjoy.

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1. Is Tamarindo Costa Rica safe?

Yes, Tamarindo Beach is one of the safest regions of Costa Rica. Tamarindo hosts countless families, seniors, couples, solo travelers, and locals alike and remains a safe beach. Even so, we strongly recommend you avoid walking alone at night or with people you don’t know well.

2. What airport is closest to Tamarindo, Costa Rica?

The closest airport to Tamarindo, Costa Rica is Liberia airport; it’s situated only 1 hour away.

3. Can I drink tap water in Tamarindo Costa Rica?

Yes. The tap water in Tamarindo beach is safe to drink. This water is supplied by the municipality and is treated to kill harmful bacteria. However, it may have a different taste for tourists. If you’re concerned about this, you can purchase bottled water from restaurants, resorts, or grocery stores.

4. How do I get from Tamarindo to Playa Avellanas?

Tamarindo beach is close to Playa Avellanas. Getting there takes about 20-30 minutes due to road conditions. The easiest way to get around is to rent a high car or book a private transfer.

5. What region is Guanacaste Costa Rica?

Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is located in the country’s northwestern region.

6. How many days do I need in Tamarindo, Costa Rica?

It’s common for people to spend an entire week or even longer here, but it is totally up to you. You’ll find plenty of activities to keep you busy, whether on vacation or just spending the day at the beach.

7. What is the weather like in Tamarindo y Avellanas?

Tamarindo and Avellanas’ weather is one of the top reasons why tourists choose these destinations. The beaches have tropical dry and rainy seasons.

  • Dry season: December-April/May
  • Rainy season: May-November
  • Hottest months: March and April, with average temperatures of 29-35°C.

For more details, please get in touch with us at Find My Costa Rica