Things to Do in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

There are few places in the world where you can experience nature, like Tortuguero. Whether navigating the jungle or admiring the stunning sunset on the beach, you’re sure to be enchanted by the abundance of breathtaking attractions surrounding this unique location.

Here’s a curated list of the things you can do at Tortuguero:

Explore the town

Discover Tortuguero’s captivating charm, nestled along Costa Rica’s pristine coast. Enjoy a relaxing stay in this coastal paradise where you can soak up the vibrant local culture, stroll through colorful streets, and sample delicious cuisine.

One awesome spot to discover is Katonga, a floating restaurant. With this unique experience, you can enjoy lunch among the canals and observe the abundant wildlife. It becomes an exceptional romantic experience for couples to visit the place at night.

Boat Tours and Canoeing

Adventure through Tortuguero’s canals and see its thriving ecosystem on a boat ride or canoe tour.

While riding a boat along the Tortuguero canals, you’ll be serenaded by tropical birds’ melodies. As you glide through the waterways with Find My Costa Rica’s local experts, watch for wildlife in the river’s waters or monkeys swinging through the trees.

Feel the serenity as you navigate through narrow channels and explore hidden corners inaccessible to larger boats.

Some of the available tours include:

  • Caño Chiquero- Mora Trail
  • Río Tortuguero Trail
  • Caño Harold Trail
  • Caño Palma Trail

Keep your eyes and ears open to migratory birds’ enchanting sights and sounds. Tortuguero is a vital stopover point for numerous bird species during their annual migrations, providing an extraordinary opportunity for birdwatching enthusiasts. 

Jungle Hikes and Nature Trails

Costa Rica is known for being home to many national parks, including Manuel Antonio, Arenal, and Corcovado. But the Caribbean Coast has Tortuguero National Park. Here, nature lovers can enjoy the following:

El Jaguar terrestrial trail

The linear trail runs parallel to Tortuguero National Park’s beach for 1.55 miles. Turtle footprints and nests can be seen along the way during the spawning season. Other animals you can see include hawks, monkeys, peacocks, and dragonflies.

Cerro Tortuguero

The Cerro Tortuguero is the highest hill in an area of completely flat plains. As a result, Tortuguero Hill provides a spectacular view of the canals, tropical rainforest, lagoons, and the Caribbean Sea. To reach Tortuguero Hill, it takes approximately two hours.

Beach tours

During the turtle season, you have the opportunity to enjoy a night tour, generally between 8 p.m. and midnight. During this tour, you can experience the journey of these mighty creatures as they navigate their way back to the sea. With expert guides, you can also witness mother turtles laying their eggs in the sand.

Tour participants must wear black clothing and keep extremely quiet during the tour. Photographs are also restricted during nesting and hatching seasons since they disturb turtles.

Wildlife watching
Wildlife watching
Hanging bridges Costa Rica
Costa Rica River Pool
Costa Rica River Pool
Hanging bridges Costa Rica

When is The Best Time to Visit Tortuguero, Costa Rica?

In Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica, the weather is less important than in other parts of the country when determining when to visit. Why? Because it always rains, and the nesting season peaks during the rainy season. Even in the dry season, afternoon showers are common in this rainy area.

Therefore, to plan your trip, consider whether or not you want to see turtle nests. Mid-March to October is the best time to visit if you’re interested. Alternatively, you can schedule your trip between November and March if you aren’t interested in the nesting season.


Let us Help You Plan an Unforgettable Adventure to Tortuguero, Costa Rica!

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, but with Find My Costa Rica, you can leave the details to us. With our help, you can experience the adventure of a lifetime. 

Contact Find My Costa Rica today, and let us take you to explore Tortuguero’s pristine beaches, navigate its enchanting canals, and witness incredible wildlife encounters. 


1. Is Tortuguero National Park worth visiting?

Absolutely! Tortuguero National Park is definitely worth visiting for its unparalleled natural beauty, incredible wildlife encounters, and the opportunity to witness sea turtles nesting on its pristine beaches.

2. How many days should I spend in Tortuguero?

To fully experience Tortuguero’s wonders, spending at least two to three days in the area is recommended. This allows ample time for activities such as boat tours, jungle hikes, and beach exploration.

3. How do you get to Tortuguero from San Jose?

Ground and boat transportation is available from San Jose to Tortuguero. Drive to La Pavona or Caño Blanco, and then follow your journey with a boat ride along the canals to finally reach Tortuguero. If you’d like a quicker means of transportation, you can take a domestic flight from San Jose to Tortuguero’s airstrip.

4. Why is Tortuguero National Park famous?

A key reason why Tortuguero National Park is famous is because it provides a safe nesting place for endangered sea turtles. Moreover, it has remarkable biodiversity, including rainforests, mangroves, and diverse marine species.

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