Let’s go hiking

January 5, 2020

Hiking has recently become a popular sport and to be honest, we get it. How can one not find it satisfying to take a walk to reach a breathtaking view? And, if you are into hiking or want to give it a shot and you are visiting Costa Rica, you’re in luck because we have multiple places for you.

Pelado Hill (Cerro Pelado)

Guanacaste is home to Cerro Pelado. This hill is amongst Costa Rica’s 112 volcanic structures but it has been inactive for hundreds of years. This hill has moderate hiking difficulty and with a normal physical condition, you will be able to reach the top. In spite of the blazing sun, the wind keeps you refreshed and in about 40 minutes, you will reach the top of the mountain. Through it all, the view is unbelievable and will capture your soul. You will be able to see Guanacaste’s volcanoes and Tilaran’s wind towers. The place is pet-friendly and you can bring food for the journey or a picnic at the end of the trail. Pack your sneakers, sunscreen, and comfy clothes, and come take a hike in Cerro Pelado.

Chirripo Hill (Cerro Chirripó)

Chirripo is Costa Rica’s highest hill and ranked amongst the highest in Central America, at 3,821.25 meters above sea level. This hill is inside Chirripo National Park and its area is in the border area between Perez Zeledon, Turrialba and Limon. It is ranked number 38 in the list of peaks with the highest topographic prominence and it’s on the list of the highest 1,500 hills in the world. The hikers must travel 20 kilometers to reach the top of the hill, which is usually fulfilled in two tracts. The first tract ends in the refuge El Paramo, situated 3,400 meters above sea level and it takes about 7 hours to reach. It has a maximum capacity of 80 people and has electricity, drinking water, kitchen utensils and two computers with an internet connection. The last tract is a 5-kilometer hike that takes about 3 hours to complete. One must be physically ready to accept the challenge but it will all be worth it. The flora and fauna are incredible and, if you are lucky enough to get clear skies, you will be able to see the Pacific and Caribbean coasts from the highest peak.

Manuel Antonio National Park (Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio)

If you are looking for easier and more relaxing walking trails, visit Manuel Antonio, National Park. It is located on the Central Pacific coast and it has a land area of 1,983 hectares and 55,000 hectares of sea area. The trails are easy to complete and all of them add up to 8.8 kilometers and takes about 4 hours to complete. Whilst walking you will be able to see different monkey species, birds, felines, raccoons among other animals. Come and take a walk surrounded by the beautiful beaches and visit Manuel Antonio. 


Prusia is located in Irazu National Park and has 16 kilometers of trails to explore. Pines, eucalyptus, white rocks, and grand pastures will be your scenery through the journey. It takes about 5 hours to complete the longest trail with a moderate velocity with time to take pictures, rest and even have a picnic. Even though its difficulty is minimum, its altitude (2,600-3,095 meters above sea level) may complicate breathing. You will need to gear up with hiking shoes, sportswear, a windbreaker, an umbrella, and a thirst for adventure!

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park in Guanacaste has multiple walking trails. Some of the most popular trails are Blue Lake and Cangrejo Fall trail, Las Pailas and Active Crater trail that takes you through the tropical rainforest, rivers, and even all the way up to the park’s highest point. There is something for everyone and, while you pay a visit, the park also offers its visitors volcanic craters, hot springs, volcanic mud, waterfalls and rainforests.

You may think that hiking is not for you but maybe you haven’t found the trail that fits you. Take a look at our hiking spots, grab your sneakers and let’s get started.