11 Best Las Catalinas Restaurants for Unique Dining Experiences

Are you in Las Catalinas looking for authentic dining experiences that let you taste the local culture? The town offers a world of culinary exploration waiting for you! 

Navigating the many dining options can be overwhelming. You might wonder where you can find restaurants that offer real, local flavors and a memorable dining experience. You need a trusted source to guide you to the best restaurants Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, has to offer.

That’s where we step in. We’re food enthusiasts who’ve explored Las Catalinas’ culinary scene, so we know the struggle of finding the right spot. Through our blog, we share insider tips and recommendations to help you discover the top Las Catalinas restaurants.

Our Find My Costa Rica guide will lead you to the heart of Costa Rican cuisine!

Top Restaurants in Las Catalinas

The restaurants at Las Catalinas offer a premier combination of ambiance, hospitality, and, of course, unforgettable flavors. Discover our top pick for a unique culinary experience:

Sentido Norte

Sentido Norte is a top-notch fine dining spot that offers a meal al fresco experience. Head Chef Jose Lopez brings his country’s culinary heritage to life with a menu that combines indigenous ingredients with European, African, and Mesoamerican influences.

The restaurant provides an amazing view of the town and beach, especially during sunset. It’s one of the romantic restaurants here, with a laid-back yet classy vibe.

Another highlight is that Sentido Norte is situated in Casa Chameleon, Las Catalinas, one of the best places to stay. However, if you’re not planning on staying, you can still enjoy food or drinks and a day of poolside relaxation. Access to the outdoor rain shower and facilities is included!

Get ready to feel like dining at a local friend’s gourmet kitchen by visiting Sentido Norte Restaurant.


Are you in the mood for a casual bite to eat by the beach? Head over to Limonada! This restaurant offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, perfect for kicking back and enjoying great food. After all, this place captures the essence of beach life in Guanacaste, serving delicious dishes made with fresh, local ingredients.

The best part? Limonada is also a place to have fun! With activities like beach swings, children’s games, and live music, you’ll find something here to keep you entertained while you dine.

Enjoy good food, good company, and good times at Limonada!

La Pampa Grill

At La Pampa Grill, you’ll experience the true essence of pura vida and the joy of delicious food in the company of friends and family.

Inspired by the flavors of Costa Rican cuisine, their main dishes include slow-cooked, sea and field-to-table feasts, old-school barbecue, and fall-off-the-bone ribs. Moreover, you enjoy fresh seasonal produce. The rustic yet elegant ambiance creates the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

Enjoy a delicious beach BBQ in the company of good friends and family when visiting La Pampa Grill.

La Taqueria

Located at the Beach Club, La Taquería offers a relaxed dining experience perfect for enjoying bites by the pool or grabbing a light lunch.

Their menu focuses on fresh, healthy, and flavorful Mexican cuisine, featuring appetizers, tacos, ceviches, and salads. Make sure to sip on fruit juices, tropical cocktails, or craft beers from the bar while enjoying poolside relaxation.

Come and enjoy casual Mexican dining at La Taquería by the Beach Club.


Ponciana offers a welcoming atmosphere for both lunch and dinner. Their menu is inspired by Basque cuisine and Costa Rican flavors, featuring dishes made with fresh ingredients from land and sea.

You can start your day with breakfast favorites like Cardamom French Toast or Poached Eggs & Salmon Tostadas. And for lunch and dinner, choose from various starters, salads, pizza, or pasta.

Visit Ponciana located at the Santarena Hotel for a delicious meal and refreshing drinks.


Pascual is a chic restaurant and bar in Plaza Mercado that serves authentic Spanish cuisine. Their menu includes classic tapas like croquetas, paella, and gazpacho, tasty desserts, and a selection of wine and beer.

If you’re a fan of craft cocktails and want to learn how to make them yourself, they offer mixology classes every Friday.

Make a reservation at Pascual for a taste of Spain in a stylish setting.

Unique Dining Spots & Coffee Shops

Las Catalinas is also home to unique dining spots and coffee shops that you need to include in your culinary exploration. Take a look at some of the ones that you shouldn’t miss:

Pots & Bowls

If you’re looking for a satisfying meal that’s good for you and is made with care, consider visiting Pots & Bowls. This is a small eatery focused on serving healthy, delicious, and simple food.

On their menu, you’ll find homemade meals made with locally sourced ingredients and refreshing smoothie bowls. You can choose to enjoy your dining indoors or outdoors.

Experience healthy dining at Pots & Bowls located in Plaza del Mercado.

Papagayo Brewing Co.

Papagayo Brewing Co. is one of Costa Rica’s premier craft breweries. Situated in the heart of Las Catalinas, the Papagayo Brew House offers a unique experience right on the sands of Playa Danta.

Here, you can enjoy a variety of craft beers, cocktails, and tasty snacks. Some favorites include the Beach Lager, Tropical IPA, Offshore Ale, and Passion Fruit Ale.

Unwind at Papagayo Brewing Co., where good beer and good times meet beachside relaxation.

Cuatro Calle la Ronda

Cuatro Calle La Ronda is your go-to destination for homestyle baked goods, both sweet and savory, along with freshly brewed coffee, teas, and juices.

Furthermore, their warm and welcoming space offers breakfast, lunch, and afternoon options in a cozy atmosphere where you’ll experience casual, efficient, and neighborly service.

For those on the go, this is the perfect stop for a quick coffee, breakfast, or lunch.

Start your day off right with a delicious pastry, juice, coffee, or tea from Cuatro Calle La Ronda.

Copper & Stone

This is the place to be if you’re looking for baked goods, coffee, or light meals. Copper & Stone offers sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and more. And if you need a moment to relax, our terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine.

Be sure to stop by their deli for signature sandwiches, organic smoothies, and daily specials. You can enjoy your meal on the patio lounge or take it to go!

Copper & Stone is your one-stop destination for gourmet groceries, offering an impressive selection of local and international options.


Coquelicot is your go-to spot for delicious artisanal ice cream and mouthwatering Belgian waffles. You have a variety of unique flavors to choose from, like spiced chocolate, orange & cardamom, and rose & pistachio.

They also have Belgian waffles, served in crispy waffle cones or as a standalone treat, which perfectly complement our creamy ice creams.

Visit Coquelicot and treat yourself to a delicious combination of handcrafted ice cream and Belgian waffles.

Plan Your Las Catalinas Vacation With Us!

Las Catalinas restaurants celebrate culture, community, and the art of good food. To ensure you visit only the top ones, partner with our experts at Find My Costa Rica. We can take you to the best places that will tantalize your taste buds.

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1. Do restaurants in Las Catalinas offer international cuisine?

Yes, restaurants in Las Catalinas offer international cuisine, including Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, and others.

2. Do Las Catalinas restaurants typically accept credit cards, or should I carry cash?

Yes, most restaurants in Las Catalinas accept credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. However, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash as well, especially for smaller purchases.

3. Is there a dress code for dining at upscale restaurants in Las Catalinas?

Yes, there is a casual elegant dress code for dining at upscale restaurants in Las Catalinas. Men can wear dressier shorts or well-fitted jeans with a collared shirt. On the other hand, women can go for dressier shorts, nice jeans, or a skirt with a stylish top, or opt for a casual dress. 

Additionally, footwear should be tasteful. Think of elegant sandals, closed-toed shoes, or sneakers. Keep in mind that flip-flops are not recommended.

4. How child-friendly are the restaurants in Las Catalinas?

Las Catalinas restaurants are very child-friendly. They welcome families with children and have high chairs and special dietary options upon request.

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