6 Benefits of Travelling in Costa Rica´s Green Season

August 31, 2022

6 Benefits of Travelling During the Green Season in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has had an amazing high season this year as visitors are heading back out to travel again. As much as we love welcoming guests back to Costa Rica, some of our favorite times to visit Costa Rica are when there are fewer crowds. If you have flexibility when planning your vacation, you may want to consider taking a trip to Costa Rica in the off-season when you will find a lot fewer tourists, more chances to stretch and save your money and connect more with the locals who have a bit more time to chat!

Costa Rica has termed this off-season the “green” season because it also coincides with the Costa Rica rainy season from May to November. The rainy season is usually a lot more relaxed in general allowing for more flexibility with your trips and discounted prices.

These seasons are usually when kids are back in school and the school holidays are a way away.  There are two green seasons in Costa Rica: From May 1 to Jun 30th and Sept 1 to Oct 31st is when you will find the least number of visitors to the land of Pura Vida. 

1. Less Crowds – More Monkeys

Well…………. We can’t guarantee more monkeys, but what we do know is that if there are less people tramping down the trails making noise, the more likely the monkeys and birds will be around and not scared off by lots of people. Often in the off season, the hiking trails are much less crowded giving guests a much more “in touch with nature” experience. What beats having the entire rainforest to yourself!

2. Save some $$$$ – Green Season Discounts in Costa Rica

Because there are fewer people traveling, visitors may find things like hotels or day tours offering discounts to attract guests and fill their spots. This means that trip you had planned can be a lot easier on your wallet. Many of our favorite hotels offer some great discounts and free nights. Some of our favorite hotels offer free night promotions such as staying 3 nights and getting the 4th free.

Hotel Arenal Kioro and Hotel Silencio Lodge usually offer a free night when you stay 2 nights at the hotel. Hotels like Bosque del Mar in Playa Hermosa, Isla Chiquita in the Nicoya Peninsula. Hotel Poco a Poco and Senda in Monteverde and Los Altos, SI Como NO and Parador in Manuel Antonio all have special promos 4 nights for the price of 3 nights. These promos are great ways to save on your hotel stays and stay a few more nights in paradise on the house!

3. Connect with locals

 Many of the locals work in the robust tourist industry, during high season they may not have the chance to connect with their guests on the level they want to. With the slower pace, you can get a much more in-depth connection with the locals who may have the time to grab a coffee or chat more with you about Costa Rica. If you are in Costa Rica for Independence day on Sept 15th find a local town and catch one of the school children parades with traditional clothes and marching bands. On September 14th local town centers usually have the Desfiles

4. Last Minute Trips…Why Not?

With fewer people on the road and at your destination, this can mean that the last-minute trip you are thinking about could easily be pulled off!  Hotels and tours will not be sold out during the green season in Costa Rica, which means that you can be spontaneous for last-minute trips or in country changes

5. More Rain? Costa Rica at its greenest!

Don’t shy away from the fear of rain during the green season in Costa Rica.

One of the biggest mistakes we hear is that guests think that it’s not worth a trip to Costa Rica in the rainy season.  The temperatures remain in the 80s during this time of year throughout most of the country in rainy and dry seasons.

From May to December, it is usually typical to have more sporadic rainfall and a typical day is usually drier mornings and heavier rain showers in the later afternoons or evenings.

The rainy season can also be distinctive in different parts of the country because climate differs from region to region. Many Pacific regions have their heaviest rainfall months towards the end of September and October, where during these months the Caribbean experiences a bit of a drier spell as the rain concentrates on the Pacific.

If you want to avoid the heaviest rain in September and October, you may want to head to Tortuguero, Cahuita, or Puerto Viejo de Limon on the Caribbean side and loop in a stay at the Arenal Volcano or Monteverde which usually have more consistent weather patterns year round

Costa Rica at its greenest! More rain isn’t always a bad thing. Costa Rica is known for its lush and vibrant rainforests and so going in the rainy season amplifies the experience of these wet mysterious parks.

Experiencing a rain shower on a hike can be refreshing and add to the experience. If you are prepared with a rain jacket and proper footwear a rainstorm can add to the experience!

Dry areas such as the Pacific northwest region of Guanacaste become lush green paradise compared to the dry season when the hills turn a drier golden color.

Tropical storms can be spectacular! Costa Rica has over 500,000 lightning strikes annually ranking it as one of the countries with the most lightning strikes per year. These lightning storms can put on quite a show. Pull up a chair and grab a tropical drink and sit back for an amazing natural light display.

6. Animal Migrations during Green Season

There are some key animal migrations that those visiting in the high season might miss.

Humpback whales: The humpback whales have 2 migrations during the year, but the best chance is when the southern humpbacks migrate north to the warm waters of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast to breed and give birth. The best months for whale watching are Aug to October. The best places to see whales are the Osa peninsula, Uvita, Manuel Antonio, and Guanacaste regions.

Green Sea Turtles – thousands of turtles hit the beaches near Tortuguero to find safe places on the beach to lay and bury their eggs. This is one of the most important nesting beaches in the world for the Green Sea Turtle. This amazing phenomenon happens between July and October (with the hatching turtles 2 months after) The northern Caribbean town of Tortuguero is one of the best places to book a sea turtle hatching and nesting tour.

Birds – Many species are in the process of migrating to warmer climates from north America to Central and South America as temperatures begin to cool.

If you’re looking for more tips for traveling and trip planning during the green season, contact one of the Find My Costa Rica destination experts who can help find the best travel deals and best places to stay during the green season.