The Ultimate Guide for Coffee Lovers in San Jose, Costa Rica

Are you in San Jose, Costa Rica, looking for a top-notch coffee experience? You’re in the right place. Costa Rica is famous for its excellent brews, but with so many shops and tour options, finding the best one can take time.

We’ve been there. That’s why, at Find My Costa Rica, we’ve dedicated ourselves to being your go-to guide for discovering the ultimate coffee experiences in town.

As travel experts and coffee connoisseurs, we’re here to ensure that your adventure surpasses expectations. With our insider tips and local knowledge, your journey through San Jose’s coffee scene will be nothing short of exceptional.

Are you a coffee lover? Get ready to have great coffee in Costa Rica!

Is Costa Rican Coffee Good?

Yes, Costa Rican coffee is good! The country is known around the world for its coffee production. Its unique geographical features, such as rich volcanic soil, high altitudes, and good weather, contribute to the cultivation of top-grade beans.

Enjoy direct access to many specialty coffee shops with our guide!

How Does the Coffee Culture in San Jose Compare to Other Parts of Costa Rica?

As Costa Rica’s capital and largest city, San José holds a special place in the country’s coffee culture. You’ll find a thriving café scene, specialty java shops, and coffee-related events and activities here.

There’s also a standout coffee offering, including single-origin beans, specialty blends, innovative brewing methods, and many specialty shops. No wonder why the city is so popular!

The Best Coffee Experiences in San José, Costa Rica

Check out some of the best spots where you can sip on a freshly brewed cup of Joe in the city:

Top coffee shops

Cafeoteca Coffee Shop

Cafeoteca offers an impressive selection of 23 coffees sourced from Costa Rica’s 8 coffee-growing regions. The shop has a welcoming vibe, delicious pastries, and a boutique where you can buy goods from local designers.

Location: Barrio Escalante, Calle 31 Avenida 5

Schedule: Tues – Sun: 8 am – 7 pm

Ready to experience the best of Costa Rican coffee culture? Swing by Cafeoteca in Barrio Escalante!

Café Miel

Café Miel serves locally sourced brews alongside homemade pastries and desserts. Their fresh brews and variety of empanadas and sweets make it a worthwhile stop for a quick bite or a relaxing break. This is a favorite among students and young professionals because of its cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Location: Barrio Amon, Avenida 9, between Calle 11 and 13

Schedule: Mon – Sat: 9 am – 6 pm

Sun: 1:30 pm – 6 pm

Unwind in a chill atmosphere with good coffee and homemade treats at Cafe Miel.

Café La Mancha

Café La Mancha serves bold cold brews, silky cortados, and a diverse selection that satisfies every palate. They host workshops on brewing methods, allowing you to deepen your understanding of coffee and its origins. While sipping your drink, look around at the local art on the walls or check out the books and records they have for sale.

Location: Downtown San José, Calle Primera, between Avenida Central and Avenida 1

Schedule: Tues – Sat: 9 am – 6:30 pm

Get ready to enjoy a delicious cold brew at Café La Mancha!

Café del Barista

Café del Barista is an independent café known for its cozy atmosphere and top-notch baristas. Some of their brewing methods include French Press, Chemex, AeroPress, and V60. Try their amazing cappuccino and ask about their breakfast and lunch menu, pastries, and other baked goods when you’re here.

Location: 150 meters east of the north entrance of the Calderón Hospital Guard

Schedule: Mon – Fri: 8 am – 6 pm

Café del Barista offers the perfect setting to relax and enjoy exceptional coffee!

Most visited tours by coffee lovers

These are some of the favorite coffee tours that you shouldn’t miss:

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Tour

Join us for an organic coffee tour and cupping at Finca Rosa Blanca. Walk through our farm to learn about sustainable farming practices and follow the journey of their beans from field to cup. The tour includes a visit to the processing area and a tasting session, where you’ll learn how to taste coffee properly.

Britt Coffee Tour

This tour takes you to the fascinating world of production at the Café Britt coffee plantation. Explore fields, learn about the cultivation and harvesting process, and gain insight into the traditional and innovative techniques used in farming. The highlights include visiting the coffee processing plant and the tasting session.

Doka Coffee Tour

The Doka Coffee Tour is an immersive experience at the Doka Estate plantation. You’ll learn about cultivation and production through guided walks in lush fields and tours of processing facilities. Moreover, you’ll sample freshly brewed coffees and discover the diverse flavors Costa Rica offers.

At Find My Costa Rica, we take you on the incredible coffee experience at Doka Coffee Estate. Learn about centuries-old coffee production methods, cultivation, harvesting, and roasting, and savor exquisite coffee.

If you’re spending one day in San José, this 10-hour tour is perfect because it also takes you to the Poas Volcano National Park, Botos Lagoon, and La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

Coffee Tour Hacienda Alsacia

Discover the Coffee Tour at Hacienda Alsacia for an insightful look into coffee farming. Go through fields, learn about sustainable practices, and explore the processing and roasting methods. The tour ends with a tasting session of the Costa Rican flavors.

Coffee Experience + Volcano Hike and Waterfall Exploration

Our 8-hour Poas Volcano National Park and Doka Estate tour takes you to explore the coffee production, cultivation, and roasting journey at Doka Coffee Estate, followed by a tasting session.

Learn about the techniques behind Costa Rica’s renowned coffee and taste its rich flavors. Then, see the unique ecosystems of Poás Volcano while enjoying the scenic vistas along the way. This tour is perfect for families traveling with kids!

Join us for an immersive coffee experience in the heart of Costa Rica!

Plan Your Coffee Adventure in San Jose with Find My Costa Rica!

If you want to take your coffee journey to the next level, at Find My Costa Rica, we can help! Let us guide you through the streets of San Jose, where you’ll visit local coffee farms and cafes, learning more about the entire coffee-making process. We can also help you explore the top places to stay, shop, eat, and enjoy the nightlife scene.

Contact Find My Costa Rica today to organize a personalized coffee tour. Plan your coffee adventure now!


1. Can visitors buy local coffee beans in San Jose's coffee shops?

Yes, visitors can buy local coffee beans in San Jose’s coffee shops. Take home a taste of Costa Rica’s rich coffee culture by directly buying bags of freshly roasted beans from these coffee shops.

2. Do coffee shops in San Jose offer workshops or barista classes for tourists?

Yes, some coffee shops in San Jose offer workshops or barista classes for tourists. These hands-on experiences provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the art and science of coffee-making.

3. What sustainable practices are common in San Jose's coffee shops?

Some of the most common sustainable practices in San Jose’s coffee shops include sourcing coffee beans from local, environmentally responsible farms, implementing waste reduction strategies such as composting and recycling, and using eco-friendly packaging materials.

4. Can tourists participate in coffee bean harvesting experiences in or near San Jose?

Yes, tourists can participate in coffee bean harvesting experiences in or near San Jose. Some coffee farms offer guided tours, during which visitors can learn about the coffee cultivation process firsthand, including picking ripe coffee cherries during the harvest season.

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