Make Memories with These Fun Family Activities in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Do you want an exciting family vacation in San Jose, Costa Rica, where you can enjoy entertaining activities and enriching experiences among the city’s cultural and natural wonders?

The truth is that planning the perfect family vacation can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding activities that adapt to everyone’s interests and age. At Find My Costa Rica, we can help.

We’re local experts who plan unique family trips in this city. Count on us to guide you through the best family-friendly activities you can do here to create unforgettable moments without the stress of planning.

Check out how to ensure your family’s time in San José is filled with fun and adventure!

Visit Costa Rica and head to San José for a memorable time for you and your family!

Why San Jose, Costa Rica, Is Perfect for Family Activities

San Jose is perfect for family activities because it’s surrounded by natural landscapes that allow you and your family to take part in outdoor adventures like zip-lining, hiking in the rainforest, and spotting wildlife.

Moreover, the city has cultural attractions such as markets and interactive museums that provide a dynamic environment for kids. It’s no wonder this city is so popular among tourists around the world.

Top 8 Family Activities to Do in San Jose, Costa Rica!

If you find yourself in San Jose for a quick stopover, using it as a gateway to other destinations, or if it’s your ultimate vacation spot, there’s no shortage of fantastic activities for you to enjoy.

Take a look at the top 8 family activities for fun and quality time with your loved ones:

#1 Visit San Jose Children’s Museum

The Museo de los Niños is a top spot for kids in San Jose. It offers fun for the whole family, and while it’s called a “children’s museum,” it’s enjoyable for all ages. It has 40 rooms of interactive exhibits and is Central America’s first fully interactive museum.

Inside, you can learn more about topics like astronomy, science, ecology, and the humanities. Highlights include a funhouse that doubles as an earthquake simulator and a farm exhibit with live animals like geese and chickens.

Outside, there’s a climbing wall, zip line, and ropes course. Your children can also learn about Costa Rican culture through exhibits of music, art, animals, and hands-on activities. Check out the calendar’s museum to discover the upcoming events and plan your visit!

Explore the San José Children's museum: the first interactive museum in Central America!

#2 Explore La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Located 1.5 hours from San Jose airport, La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a serene escape from the city and one of the best outdoor adventures for kids.

You can spend the day exploring the park’s various attractions, including the butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, and animal sanctuary. It’s also home to jaguars, pumas, monkeys, and other wildlife.

Experience the natural beauty of La Paz Waterfall Gardens on our tour!

#3 Have fun at Parque Diversiones

San Jose is home to an amusement park popular with families and school groups alike. Ideal for younger kids, the park offers a variety of rides tailored to their age and interests.

If you visit on the weekend, you’ll experience a lively environment with traditional Costa Rican dancers, coffee tastings, cooking demonstrations, and many tico-style carnival foods to enjoy. The best part? Admission is affordable, and you can purchase your tickets on-site.

Get ready to have so much fun at Parque de Diversiones!

#4 Book a guided tour

If you want to experience San Jose’s rich culture and history, our City Tour is your top choice. It begins with a scenic drive through Sabana Park and ends with a visit to the iconic National Theater.

The tour takes you to museums and landmarks like the University of Costa Rica and the Supreme Court. Before returning to your hotel, enjoy a shopping visit at an arts and crafts store!

For more contact with nature, book our Irazú Volcano National Park Tour. This comprehensive excursion combines visits to the Irazu Volcano National Park, Orosi Basilica, Orosi Valley, and Hacienda Orosi Hot Springs.

We’ve crafted this tour to give you and your family an experience of stunning landscapes, local culture, and relaxation.

What’s more, our tours include transportation for your safety and convenience.

Ensure a great family travel time with our guided tours!

#5 Experience full-day adventures

If you’re spending one day in Costa Rica, make sure it’s one filled with natural wonders and cultural experiences. That’s why you can’t miss the following tours: 

8-hour Poas Volcano National Park & Doka Estate Coffee Tour. Enjoy incredible views as you reach the majestic Poás Volcano and visit Doka Coffee Estate to learn about coffee production and enjoy tasting freshly brewed coffee.

10-hour Coffee Experience, Poas Volcano National Park Hike, and La Paz Waterfall Gardens Tour. Learn about coffee production at Doka Coffee Estate, explore Poás Volcano National Park, and enjoy the beauty of La Paz Waterfall Gardens with us!

Discover the beauty of Costa Rica with our full-day tours!

#6 Discover Orosi Valley and Lankester Botanical Garden

Set out on a family-friendly adventure to explore Orosi Valley and Lankester Botanical Garden. Just 40 kilometers from San Jose, you’ll find Orosi Valley, home to Costa Rica’s oldest-running Catholic Church. You’ll also enjoy the lush vegetation and stunning scenery of the area.

At Lankester Botanical Garden, discover over 800 species of orchids, bromeliads, and diverse plants. Learn more about the garden’s mission to conserve Costa Rica’s threatened native flora through scientific research, horticulture, and environmental education programs.

Embark on a family-friendly journey to Orosi Valley and Lankester Botanical Garden for a day of nature!

#7 Visit the Toucan Rescue Ranch

Are you looking for an up-close encounter with wildlife while giving your kids an educational adventure they’ll never forget? A visit to the Toucan Rescue Ranch is an excellent choice.

This sanctuary provides a safe place for injured and endangered wildlife, including toucans and sloths. Your kids can learn about these amazing animals and see how they’re cared for before being released back into the wild. Ask about their tours, exhibits, and chances to meet the animals up close!

Enjoy a day of learning and fun that supports wildlife conservation at the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

#8 Go on a rainforest adventure

Almost 3 hours away, there is a popular attraction that draws thousands of tourists a year: La Fortuna. The region has impressive hanging bridges, wildlife, and hot springs. It’s the perfect way to connect with nature while letting you take part in exciting activities!

Traveling with young kids? La Fortuna might be the perfect spot for your vacation!

Tips for Planning Your Family Trip to San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Take into account the best season to plan your trip.
  • Explore downtown San José and its unique Costa Rican art.
  • Go to the Central Market or the Municipal Craft Market for souvenir shopping.
  • Discover kid-friendly interactive museums.
  • Visit sodas to experience the local cuisine and Costa Rica’s national dish (gallo pinto).
  • Search online reviews to look for the best places to stay.
  • Book day trips to nearby attractions like La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Irazú Volcano National Park.

Plan Your Family-Friendly Vacation Easily with Find My Costa Rica!

San Jose, Costa Rica, can be the perfect setting for your upcoming family vacation. It has everything you and your family need to create lifetime memories and learn more about the country’s history, all while having fun!

At Find My Costa Rica, we help you navigate the must-visit spots and nearby attractions, ensuring an unforgettable escape. With our expert guidance, efficient itineraries, and convenient logistics, you’re sure to have an immersive experience.

Contact Find My Costa Rica to start planning your memorable vacation. Book a tour now!


1. Is it safe to take kids to Costa Rica?

Yes, it’s safe to take kids to Costa Rica. While it’s one of the safest countries in Central America, we recommend following safety measures as you would in other countries. This includes keeping an eye on your kids and accompanying them to all the attractions.

2. Is it safe to walk in downtown San José, Costa Rica?

Yes, it is safe to walk in downtown San José. However, you should stay alert in crowded tourist attractions and popular areas, which can have higher criminal activity.

3. How many days are enough in San Jose, Costa Rica?

1-2 days are enough to get to know the city center, explore cultural venues and museums, and visit the principal markets.

4. Why is San Jose, Costa Rica, so popular?

San Jose, Costa Rica, is popular because of its rich culture, history, friendly locals, and lively nightlife.

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