A Foodie’s Guide to the 10 Best Dining in San Jose, Costa Rica

Are you eager to explore the best dining in San Jose, Costa Rica? Do you want to taste authentic dishes and experience the city’s food culture? With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start.

The challenge is navigating the various dining choices to find the best spots. Without insider knowledge, you risk ending up at average restaurants that don’t deliver on their promises of authenticity.

At Find My Costa Rica, we’re travel experts who have been in your shoes. That’s why we’ve created this guide, perfect for every foodie staying in San José. With our expertise and local insights, we’re here to help you navigate the local food scene and the city with confidence.

dining in san jose costa rica

Discover Different Cuisines in San Jose, Costa Rica, With These Dining Spots!

San Jose is a melting pot of flavors awaiting your exploration. There are countless dining locations that will satisfy your taste buds and offer a sneak peek into the city’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Take a look at our selection of the best restaurants in San Jose:

To sample Costa Rican cuisine:

#1 Restaurante Silvestre

Silvestre Restaurant offers a unique dining experience prepared by Chef Santiago Fernandez Benedetto. Traditional Costa Rican ingredients take center stage here, presented in innovative ways that combine vintage charm with contemporary flair.

Silvestre is renowned for its innovative approach to cuisine, offering a menu that showcases the best of Costa Rican flavors with a modern twist. Must-try dishes include the Guanacaste-style arroz guacho and the empanadas stuffed with ricotta cheese, chives, and egg yolks.

Location: Barrio Amón

Silvestre delivers a memorable dining experience unlike any other in Costa Rica's capital city.

#2 Ram Luna

If you’re spending one day in San José and don’t know where to dine, this is a premier choice. Ram Luna has grown to be a well-known destination, attracting tourists and locals since it opened its doors in 1967. Situated 1700 meters above sea level, the restaurant offers romantic views of San Jose and the surrounding volcanic peaks.

Wednesday nights are the way to go for an authentic taste of local culture. That’s when Ram Luna hosts its traditional night with a buffet of Costa Rican specialties, an open bar, live marimba music, and traditional dancing. Due to its popularity, we advise making a reservation in advance.

Location: Aserri

Enjoy a romantic dinner or immerse yourself in the local culture by dining at Ram Luna.

#3 Mirador Tiquicia

Restaurante Mirador Tiquicia has been serving authentic Costa Rican cuisine for over 40 years. At an elevation of 1400 meters above sea level, it offers a vista of the entire Central Valley of Costa Rica, with lush mountains and majestic volcanoes.

The restaurant offers three distinct settings: a cozy family dining area, a lively bar, and a new deck lounge, perfect for enjoying various evening activities. It’s an evening you’ll be sure to remember.

Location: San Antonio de Escazú

Restaurante Mirador Tiquicia promises an exceptional Costa Rican dining experience.

For a taste of international cuisine:

#4 La Esquina de Buenos Aires

La Esquina de Buenos Aires offers an authentic Argentinian steakhouse experience. Adorned with framed photos of tango musicians and antique Italian liquor signs, the restaurant has a cozy, traditional vibe reminiscent of a classic bodegón.

If you dine here, try their mouthwatering cuts of meat, including bife de chorizo, entraña, or vacío, expertly grilled to perfection.

Location: Calle 11 esquina Av. 4, detrás de la Iglesia de la Soledad

Looking for the best meat dishes in San José? La Esquina de Buenos Aires offers a memorable experience for meat lovers!

#5 Grano de Oro

Grano de Oro offers French Mediterranean cuisine with a tropical twist. This establishment is renowned for its exceptional quality and diverse menu. Each bite is expertly prepared to showcase the freshest ingredients and culinary expertise.

Beyond its culinary offerings, the Grano de Oro Hotel is also recognized as one of the best places to stay in San Jose, making it the perfect destination for dining and accommodation.

Location: Grano de Oro Hotel

Grano de Oro invites you to indulge in its flavors and hospitality!

#6 Tin Jo Asian Restaurant

Tin Jo has excellent dishes from all of Asia, including China, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. It’s been a family-owned restaurant since the early 1970’s. Moreover, the menu is extensive, so you can order a few dishes to share! This is an excellent option if you’re coming to the city with your family or large groups!

Location: Calle 11, Av. 6 y 8 in downtown San Jose

If you're in downtown San Jose, make sure to visit Tin Jo Asian Restaurant!

#7 La Divina Comida Fusión Peruana

This restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience. It is renowned for its fresh and expertly prepared seafood dishes. Every dish is crafted with care, ensuring that each ingredient is of the highest quality and bursting with flavor.

Location: Avenida Escazú

Are you seeking delicious Peruvian food? Try La Divina Comida Fusión Peruana!

To explore street food:

#8 Amor de Barrio

If you’re looking for a convenient and delicious dining experience during your trip, be sure to stop by Amor de Barrio and taste the flavors of the world in one place.

Here, you’ll find Peruvian dishes, classic Italian pizza, flavorful Asian cuisine, traditional Costa Rican fare, spicy Mexican favorites, and more. It’s the perfect spot to sample different cuisines and find something everyone in your group will love. If you have time, make sure to visit the Selvatica bar, located on top of this establishment.

Location: La California

Amor de Barrio invites tourists to explore a vibrant culinary marketplace and bar food, right in the heart of San José.

#9 Jardin de Lolita

Jardin de Lolita is a gastronomical market, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a variety of dining options. With restaurant stands offering burgers, sushi, fish and chips, drinks, and street food favorites, you’ll find excellent food here.

This spot is perfect for coming with friends or family because it has outdoor and semi-outdoor seating where you can relax and enjoy a meal together.

Location: Barrio Escalante

Join the locals and immerse yourself in the urban gastronomy of Jardin de Lolita.

#10 Container Platz

Container Platz is a dynamic dining destination that you won’t want to miss. This unique spot offers a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, pizza, quick bites, sushi, street food, and Central and South American dishes. The casual atmosphere and diverse options make it the perfect place to grab a bite while exploring the city.

Location: Santa Ana

Container Platz offers a unique culinary adventure for your taste buds!

Make Your Foodie Adventure a Success with Find My Costa Rica!

Exploring San Jose’s culinary scene is an adventure filled with delicious discoveries and unique flavors. To ensure a great experience, partner with our experts at Find My Costa Rica. We can take you to must-visit restaurants that will satisfy your cravings.

Contact Find My Costa Rica to gain access to the best culinary spots in San José. Plan your food itinerary with us!


1. What food is San Jose, Costa Rica, known for?

San Jose, Costa Rica, is known for its diverse and flavorful cuisine. Traditional dishes include gallo pinto, casado, and arroz con pollo.

2. Are there options for vegetarians and vegans in San Jose's restaurants?

Yes, there are options for vegetarians and vegans in San Jose’s restaurants. You can find a variety of plant-based dishes and restaurants specializing in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, offering creative and flavorful alternatives to meat-based dishes.

3. What is a must-try local dish when dining in San Jose, Costa Rica?

One must-try local dish when dining in San Jose, Costa Rica, is Casado. It consists of rice, beans, plantains, and salad paired with a protein such as chicken, fish, or beef.

4. Is street food popular in San Jose, Costa Rica?

Yes, street food is popular in San Jose. You can find different street vendors and food stalls with endless options here.

5. What's the dining etiquette like in San Jose, Costa Rica?

Dining etiquette in San Jose is relaxed and informal. However, this can vary depending on the restaurant you choose. Furthermore, tipping is appreciated but not always expected.

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