The Traditional Childhood Games of the “Ticos”

September 9, 2019

The Costa Rican idiosyncrasy is a very important value for the inhabitants of the country, a very important value that must be present since our childhood.

In Costa Rica the traditional games were very important some years ago, it was a way to unite families, friends, and neighbors, in this way all the people were involved and significant bonds of friendship were made.

Some of the games that grandparents and parents played ranged from cromos, bolinchas, yaxes, hopscotch and the famous and unforgettable game of “Escondido”. These are just some of the games that Costa Rican history keeps.

These games passed from generation to generation, but with the arrival of technology, children began to lose interest in activities like these, important for the culture.

It is clear that traditional games are a very important part of Costa Rican idiosyncrasy, although the interest in them has been lost. 

To this day, some parents and schools make efforts to keep alive these games that are an essential part of Costa Rican culture.