Finding the Best Hot Springs in La Fortuna, Costa Rica for all Budgets

La Fortuna, Costa Rica, is an excellent destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the impressive Arenal Volcano, the region offers various hot springs to help you relax.

Regardless of your budget, La Fortuna has hot spring options for everyone. Let’s explore the best choices available across different budgets.

Discover the best hot springs near Arenal Volcano National Park.

What Makes La Fortuna, Costa Rica, Hot Springs Unique

Hot springs are significant in Costa Rican culture as places for everyday relaxation. They’re common meeting spots for families and communities to unwind and connect with nature.

Over the years, La Fortuna has evolved into a booming hub for thermal tourism, positioning as a premier wellness destination in Central America.

The thermal waters here contain a rich mineral composition, making them stand out globally. Beyond relaxation, La Fortuna’s hot springs offer health benefits such as eliminating germs and toxins and enhancing blood circulation and metabolism.

Moreover, in 2018, La Fortuna hosted the I International Wellness and Spa Congress, emphasizing the theme “living longer and better, nature as a guide.” The event aimed to strengthen wellness tourism in the national and regional context, leveraging La Fortuna’s global reputation for its thermal waters.

Another important fact to highlight is that Costa Rica emphasizes environmental sustainability around hot springs, often situated in or near protected natural areas. That’s why, if you visit one, you’ll find measures such as controlling visitor numbers, waste management, and eco-friendly infrastructure. All of these are implemented to minimize environmental impact.

Keep reading to learn more about the best hot springs located in La Fortuna.

Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs offers thermal springs surrounded by tropical landscapes. The thermal waters are heated by volcanic activity, providing a relaxing experience for visitors.

This hot springs resort falls into the higher price range, offering a premium experience with well-maintained facilities and quality service. While it may be pricier, the value for money is reflected in the resort’s amenities and connection to Costa Rica’s natural wonders.

One thing that makes Tabacon Thermal Resort stand out is its easy accessibility. It’s situated 15 minutes away from the Arenal Volcano. Not to mention its amenities; it has a spa, a fitness center, four bars, and two restaurants.

Tabacon Hot Springs is tailored for those desiring a luxurious escape and couples searching for a romantic retreat while remaining family-friendly, allowing for a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Be aware that Tabacon hot springs get very crowded during peak seasons, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Holy Week, and summer vacation. You will need to purchase your Tabacon hot spring pass in advance.

Furthermore, we recommend visiting during the dry season (December to April), as you’ll have more predictable weather and an enjoyable outdoor natural bath experience.

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The Springs Resort – Los Perdidos

The Springs Resort offers a mix of natural beauty and luxury. The resort offers a tranquil environment and panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano from within a tropical rainforest. All guests can enjoy the ideal combination of thermal pools, swim-up bars, private pools, and the famous natural hot springs.

This hot spring is positioned as a premium destination. For those seeking a day visit, the resort provides the option of a Day Pass, covering only access to the thermal pools.

If you opt for the Day Pass, you can purchase your meals at the on-site restaurants, paying directly at the venue.

It’s worth noting that the multi-adventure options are exclusively available for hotel guests and are not extended to external clients. This ensures that guests staying at the resort can enjoy a comprehensive experience, including adventure activities tailored to enhance their stay.

Getting to The Springs Resort is easy. You can use various transportation options. To ensure a smooth experience, especially during the dry season, we advise you to check availability and make reservations in advance.

The Springs Resort suits those seeking a luxury retreat with diverse thermal pool experiences. The resort accommodates families, couples, and individuals looking for relaxation amidst natural surroundings with different natural bath temperature options.

Ecotermales Hot Springs

Ecotermales is known for its natural thermal pools surrounded by lush rainforests, and it stands out for its commitment to sustainability and a more intimate experience. Set in a secluded location, it offers a quieter atmosphere, allowing visitors to connect with nature without the crowds.

Tropical gardens surround it, and the Arenal River feeds its natural hot springs. This helps create a serene and relaxing environment. Moreover, the pools vary in temperature, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences.

Visiting Ecotermales provides good value for your money, considering the emphasis on an eco-friendly approach and a more serene setting. Various packages include day passes and combo deals with additional activities.

Ecotermales are easily accessible by various means of transportation. For those staying in La Fortuna, taxis or shuttle services can be convenient, while rental cars offer flexibility for those exploring the region. Getting there requires only a 9-minute drive from downtown La Fortuna.

This natural bath is ideal for eco-conscious travelers seeking a sustainable and intimate hot springs experience. The secluded pools and lush surroundings make it a great choice for couples seeking a tranquil retreat.

Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi Hot Springs is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique natural bath experience in a beautiful natural setting without breaking their budget. They offer different day passes, including a basic day pass and a premium day pass.

This lovely location features a variety of thermal pools with various temperatures, gardens all around, and views of the Arenal Volcano. The facilities include changing rooms, dressing rooms, and a restaurant where you can choose from an à la carte menu or enjoy a buffet-style dining experience. 

The hotel is perfect for groups and those seeking a fun experience. If you’re looking for a blend of relaxation and entertainment, Baldi Hot Springs offers a lively atmosphere, especially in the evening when the pools are beautifully illuminated.

Additionally, it’s one of Costa Rica’s hot springs that is more suitable for families, with kid-friendly pools and a kid’s play zone. You’ll also find water slides, restaurants, a sports bar, a jacuzzi, and a spa.

Titokú Hot Springs 

Titokú stands out as one of the budget-friendly hot springs in La Fortuna, making it an attractive choice for visitors looking to maximize their experience without spending too much.

Arenal Kioro Hotel owns the Titokú property, and for hotel guests, both access and round-trip transportation to Titokú are complimentary as part of their stay. 

Titokú offers a tranquil setting amidst lush tropical rainforests, in contrast to some of the larger and busier hot spring resorts. If you stay here, consider exploring our Arenal adventure package. Enjoy the simplicity of comfortable accommodations while taking in the stunning views of Arenal Volcano. 

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You can also opt for a day pass, which is often a cost-effective way to enjoy the thermal pools without paying for an overnight stay.

Another thing to consider is that this natural bath is conveniently situated 2.48 miles away from the Arenal Volcano, making it accessible for visitors staying in La Fortuna or the surrounding areas.

Titokú Hot Springs is ideal for those seeking a more intimate and secluded experience, making it suitable for small groups or couples.

Paradise Hot Springs

Paradise Hot Springs provides a serene and inviting atmosphere for those seeking a peaceful escape.

The thermal pools are set against the Arenal Volcano and are surrounded by tropical gardens, offering a variety of pools with different temperatures to cater to diverse preferences.

With hot and cold pools available, Paradise Hot Springs caters to diverse preferences, allowing you to customize your experience. The pools vary in temperature, providing a range of options for a soothing soak.

This enchanting location typically falls within a mid-range price category, balancing affordability with added amenities. Here, you’ll find five pools, including cold water pools, a swim-up bar, a restaurant, and two jacuzzis.

Furthermore, it’s conveniently located near the Arenal Volcano, making it accessible for visitors staying in Nuevo Arenal (an 8-minute drive away) or nearby regions to get there.

Paradise Hot Springs is well-suited for couples and individuals seeking a more intimate and romantic hot springs experience. Its serene atmosphere makes it perfect for solo travelers looking to unwind.

Hotel Los Lagos (Day Pass)

If you want to visit a hot spring without staying the night, Hotel Los Lagos might be the one for you. They offer a day pass that provides access to various amenities and a captivating natural environment. This makes it perfect for families and day-trippers exploring the La Fortuna region in Costa Rica.

Los Lagos Hot Springs offers a variety of thermal pools with different temperatures, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the family. In their hottest pool, the water reaches a temperature of 37 °C (100 °F).

The environment is designed to cater to families, with kid-friendly pools and a welcoming atmosphere. The hotel’s facilities include a swim-up bar, two waterslides, and pools with waterfalls.

You might find this information helpful if you’re wondering about the cost of the day pass. Prices are as follows: $10 for children aged 7 to 10 and $18 for adults. These are free thermal pools for children under six (without meals.)

A single meal costs $37 for adults, $23 for kids aged 7 to 10, and $6 for kids under 6. Lockers are provided; you can bring your towels or rent them for $2 each.

Enjoy family fun with kid-friendly hot springs.

Los Laureles

Los Laureles is another hot spring in La Fortuna that’s worth exploring. This establishment offers a peaceful retreat with a range of amenities. It’s also one of the cheapest thermal pools in the area.

The hot springs at Los Laureles include secluded pools, allowing visitors to enjoy a more private and intimate setting. It’s also surrounded by tropical gardens, fostering a more lush and relaxing atmosphere.

Los Laureles hot springs are a favorite among Costa Ricans because they offer open spaces like on-site ranchos for barbecues, various thermal pools, a restaurant, camping facilities, and a salon.


Termalitas del Arenal provides an authentic hot springs experience with a natural ambiance, surrounded by lush gardens and tropical landscapes. Here, you can enjoy peace in secluded pools that provide a more intimate soak.

Moreover, it’s a must to visit if you’re on a budget and another favorite among locals.

Termalitas del Arenal hot springs are known for their budget-friendly entry fees, which suit those seeking affordable hot springs.

These hot springs offer a fantastic view of the Arenal Volcano and thermal pools that range in temperature, where the hottest one can go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some amenities include pool bars, picnic areas, and a waterslide. You can bring your own food and beverages, cook on grills, or visit the on-site hot spring restaurant.

If you come on weekends, it might be crowded. But you can always visit on weekdays or non-peak hours to avoid crowds and enjoy a serene atmosphere.

Rio Chollin

The lush tropical rainforest surrounding Rio Chollin, also known as Mini-Tabacon, offers a natural setting. This affordable location is known for its free access, making it an attractive option for travelers on a budget.

While the entry is free, you won’t find services like in other hot springs. Also, be aware of the potential hidden costs, such as parking fees or additional amenities that may require payment. Visiting here means a more natural and untamed hot springs experience.

Conveniently located in the Arenal Volcano area, Rio Chollin is easily accessible for visitors staying in La Fortuna or nearby regions. We recommend following the safety guidelines provided by the establishment, especially if you’re traveling with children. Also, be cautious of varying temperatures in different pools.

Explore the uniqueness of the different hot springs in La Fortuna.

Helpful Tips for Visiting Hot Springs

  1. Verify the operating hours and seasons of the hot springs you plan to visit.
  2. Check if reservations are required, especially during peak seasons.
  3. Pack swimwear and towels.
  4. Bring waterproof sandals or water shoes.
  5. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  6. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours.
  7. Adhere to the rules and regulations of the hot springs facility.
  8. Dispose of trash properly.

How to Choose the Right Hot Spring for You

Exploring La Fortuna’s hot springs involves considering budget, ambiance, amenities, and accessibility. Your choice depends on your preferences and priorities.

There are affordable options for budget-conscious travelers, including free hot springs or those with lower entrance fees. Alternatively, premium resorts and spas offer a more luxurious experience for those willing to spend more.

While enjoying the thermal pools, it’s essential to be responsible. Follow the rules, respect the environment, and contribute to preserving these natural treasures for the future.

For a personalized experience, consider contacting Find My Costa Rica to book a tour. Our experts can guide you through the options, ensuring your visit meets your preferences. 

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