Experience the Vibrant Nightlife in Monteverde, Costa Rica!

Monteverde is known for its cloud forests and diverse wildlife, but this destination doesn’t go to sleep when the sun sets. During your visit, you can do various activities after dark, including going on night walks through the cloud forests and enjoying local dining and drinking.

Continue reading to learn more about the best ways to unwind and make the most of your evenings here.

Experience the lively side of Monteverde after dark by going to local bars and trying local dishes.

Does Monteverde Have a Good Nightlife?

As serene as this beautiful destination may be, Santa Elena town offers various restaurants, bars, and shops if you’re in the mood for nightlife. The best part is that most of them are located a short distance from each other.

Top Things to Do for a Night Out in Monteverde

Grab a drink

Are you looking for the best places to drink? Take a look at some of the recommended choices:

Bar Amigos

Visiting Bar Amigos is a must to experience the local party scene. The atmosphere is energetic and diverse, with flat-screen TVs airing sporting events, pool tables, and occasional live music.

They offer local craft beers, special rums, wine, and traditional cocktails. Don’t miss the chance to try the Imperial beer, a local favorite!

Enjoy the nightlife in Monteverde by sipping on a refreshing tropical drink at Bar Amigos, a go-to local bar.

Celajes Lounge

Located within the Hotel Belmar, Celajes Lounge offers a sophisticated experience with its own microbrewery and a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

Here, you’ll also find Belmar’s Beer Garden & Tap Room, which provides a unique experience with locally brewed ales and seasonal beer options like Watermelon Ale and Nubosa Tropical Stout.

Unwind and enjoy cocktails with a breathtaking view at Celajes Lounge.

Monteverde Brewing Company

Monteverde Brewing Company produces beer in small quantities for its brewpub and local distribution. Each beer is crafted with intention, benefiting from the rich mineral content of water from the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

The brewery offers a vast selection of beers, including Golden Ale, American Pale Ale, Red Ale, India Pale Ale, and Coffee Stout. In addition to the beer, you can enjoy good food in a laid-back atmosphere.

Elevate your night out by sampling craft beers at Monteverde Brewing Company.

Dining experiences

See some of our favorite dining options in the area:

3-hour Gourmet Dining Tree Top Canopy Experience in Monteverde

Enhance your cloud forest adventure with a 3-hour gourmet dining tree-top canopy experience. Indulge in a seven-course, farm-to-table fusion dinner featuring locally sourced tropical ingredients. This intimate setting is beneath the canopy on a glass-topped deck with unique views of downtown Monteverde.


TreeHouse Restaurant

This is an iconic restaurant in the heart of downtown Monteverde. Its distinctive feature is a colossal 50-year-old tree growing through the middle of the building, extending to the exterior.

Lit up with colorful lights when the sun goes down, it has a trendy vibe and a lively ambiance that allows you to enjoy the town’s culinary scene.

Unwind and socialize under the natural canopy of a 50-year-old tree at the TreeHouse Restaurant.

Morphos Restaurant

Morphos Restaurant is your spot for a laid-back balcony dining experience. The fantastic view and atmosphere allow you to enjoy the best sunset over the Nicoya Gulf.

They offer happy hour plus a diverse menu covering local Costa Rican dishes and international flavors. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a relaxed meal with a view.

Taste the flavors of Costa Rican local ingredients at Morphos Restaurant.

Night hikes and wildlife adventures

These are some of the best tours to experience the forest’s nocturnal wonders and wildlife firsthand:

2-hour night walk in Monteverde Cloud Forest

Explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest on a 2-hour night walk at the Wildlife Refuge. About 80% of the wildlife is nocturnal, so you’ll see species like the Quetzal, toucans, bellbirds, sloths, hammers, raccoons, and armadillos.

Climbing & night walk tour

Join a night walk to catch a breathtaking sunset on a platform at the top of a tall Ficus tree. After that, explore the forest trails, where you can spot insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Each participant receives a flashlight for individual exploration and observation on this tour.

Book a tour with Find My Costa Rica and see spiders, owls, and other wildlife in action!

Tips for Planning Your Night Out in Monteverde!

Follow these tips for a safe and stress-free experience:

Safety considerations

  • Familiarize yourself with the layout.
  • Know your accommodation locations, nightlife spots, and any planned activities.
  • Keep a close eye on your belongings (you can use a money belt).
  • Stick to well-lit streets and avoid poorly illuminated areas.
  • Be mindful of your alcohol intake.
  • Save local emergency contacts.
  • Consider traveling in groups for added safety.

How to get around

  • Explore Santa Elena’s shops, restaurants, and attractions on foot.
  • Take a taxi and confirm the fare with the driver before starting the journey.
  • Utilize shuttle services.
  • Arrange private transportation services.
  • Book a guided tour that includes transportation.

Learn more about the best ways to get around by reading our blog.

Local customs

  • Keep in mind that the minimum legal drinking age is 18 years old.
  • Taste the traditional cuisine.
  • Tip the service. Even though tipping is not mandatory, leaving an extra tip is appreciated.
  • Learn basic Spanish words like “por favor” (please) and “gracias” (thank you).
  • Engage with locals and learn more about the pura vida lifestyle!

Have a Great time in Monteverde with Find My Costa Rica!

Monteverde offers a nightlife experience that blends the natural beauty of its surroundings with vibrant nights. To have an unforgettable time, consider partnering with our experienced guides and local experts at Find My Costa Rica.

Contact Find My Costa Rica to discover the best of Monteverde’s nightlife. Book your night out now!


1. Is it worth going to Monteverde?

Yes, going to Monteverde is worth it, especially for its lush cloud forests, diverse wildlife, and charming town atmosphere.



2. What should you wear on a night walk in Monteverde?

For a night walk in Monteverde, wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and bring a light jacket or sweater.


3. Is it safe to walk in Monteverde at night?

Yes, it’s safe to walk in Monteverde at night. However, it’s always prudent to stay in well-lit areas, travel in groups if possible, and be cautious of your surroundings.


4. Is Costa Rica known for its nightlife?

No, Costa Rica is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, rich biodiversity, and ecotourism. Yet, certain areas, including popular tourist destinations like Santa Elena near Monteverde, offer lively nightlife.


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