Top Picks on Where to Stay in Monteverde, Costa Rica for All Budgets!

Are you visiting Monteverde and still trying to figure out where to stay after a day of exploring? With its diverse landscapes and vibrant ecosystem, this beautiful location demands well-chosen accommodations that complement the unique atmosphere of this green paradise.

The good news is that, regardless of your budget or specific needs, Monteverde offers a variety of accommodations to suit every traveler.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the best accommodations, ensuring you have a comfortable base for your adventure on this green mountain.

Explore the best Monteverde hotels for your next vacation!

What Makes Monteverde, Costa Rica, So Special?

Monteverde is renowned for its lush cloud forests. You can find countless species here, including rare birds, unique orchids, vibrant butterflies, the resplendent quetzal, and other mammals. There’s no doubt as to why this is a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

Moreover, Monteverde is a pioneer in sustainable tourism practices. Many accommodations and tour operators prioritize eco-friendly initiatives, contributing to conserving the region’s natural beauty.

That means that on your vacation, you can be part of responsible tourism activities, such as guided hikes, birdwatching tours, and wildlife observation, ensuring minimal disruption to the delicate ecosystem.

If adventure and natural exploration are what brought you here, our tours are perfect for you. 

Explore your options:

Let your stay in Monteverde become a comfortable experience and a conscious choice.

Budget-friendly stays

A comfortable stay doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Let’s explore some of the top choices for wallet-friendly stays in this green mountain haven:

Cala Lodge

Situated close to the Cloud Forest Reserve and downtown Santa Elena, Cala Lodge gives you easy access to one of the region’s primary attractions and the town’s vibrancy.

Cala Lodge’s accommodations embody simplicity and rustic charm. Each room within contemporary tree houses provides a unique vantage point above the canopy.

Regardless of your room choice, you can expect free WiFi access, an orthopedic mattress, hot beverages, and organic toiletries.

Furthermore, if you’re a bird lover, this is the place for you. The establishment features a birdwatching deck that consistently attracts a vibrant array of local birds!

Cala Lodge is a rustic and charming accommodation surrounded by lush greenery and a serene natural setting.

Selina Monteverde

Just walking distance from the misty Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, you’ll find Selina Monteverde, a budget-friendly hotel that offers a multifaceted experience for various lifestyles.

The accommodation options at Selina cater to various preferences. Choose from shared dormitories, private rooms, and suites. Each room is thoughtfully designed, offering a comfortable retreat after a day of exploration.

You’ll also find an on-site restaurant, bar, library, movie room, a CoWork, a firepit, a jacuzzi, and a yoga deck with panoramic views of the hills and valley.

Experience nature and adventure at Selina Monteverde, a vibrant accommodation surrounded by lush cloud forests.

Claro de Luna

Claro de Luna is ideal for an experience combining nature, adventure, and warm hospitality.

Additionally, the hotel is dedicated to sustainability, encouraging you to adopt eco-friendly practices, including responsible water and electricity usage.

The best part is Claro de Luna’s location. It’s just 5 minutes away from the center of Santa Elena. This proximity allows you to explore attractions such as the Orchid Garden, Wildlife Refuge, Butterfly Garden, Sky Adventures Monteverde, and the Cloud Forest Biological Reserve.

Some of the comforts and amenities that Claro de Luna offers are a parking lot, a co-working space, breakfast, laundry service, and a farm and organic garden.

Enjoy nature and warm hospitality at Claro de Luna, a sustainable hotel dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

Mid-range accommodations

Are you looking for a comfortable stay without going overboard? Consider these mid-range accommodations:

Poco a Poco

Experience the charm of Hotel & Spa Poco a Poco. The hotel offers proximity to numerous restaurants, cafés, and even a grocery store, all within easy walking distance.

Poco a Poco hotel offers 30 deluxe rooms ranging from singles to doubles, triples, and quadruples. You’ll also find wooden lodges, tropical gardens, a nature path, a spa, and an inviting outdoor pool perfectly aligned with the laid-back vibe of Monteverde.

Enjoy a stay at Hotel Poco a Poco as part of our Costa Rica Family Fun package. Explore Arenal Volcano and Monteverde Cloud Forest, engage in thrilling activities, and relax on Guanacaste’s beaches.

The Spa at Poco a Poco hotel offers a tranquil retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation in the heart of the cloud forest.

Monteverde Country Lodge

Located southeast of the downtown area, you’ll find a quiet escape: Monteverde Country Lodge. It is a quick four-minute drive from the Santa Elena Center and closely connected to its sister spot, Hotel Poco a Poco, just five minutes away.

Monteverde Country Lodge offers a unique chalet-style haven. Experience the simplicity of balconies and terraces with comfy seating, scattered benches in beautiful gardens, and rooms designed for the ease of families, accommodating up to five guests.

Escape to Monteverde Country Lodge to unwind on comfortable seating amid beautiful gardens.

El Establo Mountain Hotel

Experience the essence of the enchanting cloud forests with a stay at the El Establo Mountain Hotel, one of the most remarkable retreats in the region.

You can choose from various accommodations, including deluxe double rooms, junior suites, family suites, and the highly recommended honeymoon suites, perfect for couples.

What truly distinguishes El Establo Mountain Hotel is its remarkable spa. If you want solitude, unwind in the outdoor covered pool area or explore private forest trails with the possibility of spotting local wildlife.

Our Pura Vida Quest includes a 10-day Costa Rican adventure with a stay at El Establo Hotel. You’ll enjoy diverse landscapes, thrilling activities, and encounters with wildlife!

Stay at El Establo Mountain Hotel, a remarkable retreat in the enchanting cloud forests.

Luxurious hotels

Experience luxury elevated in the heart of Monteverde by staying at one of the best hotels in the area:

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens is just a stroll away from Santa Elena’s center. When you stay here, you’ll have 31 guest rooms to choose from, surrounded by designer gardens and a private Cloud Forest Reserve.

For those seeking a close-to-nature experience, the Cotingua Suites provide direct access to the Monteverde Lodge Garden. You can expect modern amenities like a king-size bed, a solar-heated shower, individual air conditioning, and high-speed WiFi.

Enjoy rooms surrounded by lush designer gardens at Monteverde Lodge & Gardens.

Cloud Forest Lodge Monteverde

Situated within the Bellbird Biological Corridor, just two kilometers from Santa Elena, Cloud Forest Lodge is strategically positioned between the Monteverde Reserve and the Santa Elena Reserve.

Every room has a front porch—perfect for taking a peaceful stroll through gardens surrounded by local native plant life, animals, birds, and butterflies.

You’ll also find luxury suites in expansive cabins and private terraces. Your experience will be enhanced by plush pillow-top beds adorned with imported linens, complemented by gourmet Costa Rican coffee and a nightly turndown service, soft bathrobes, and the convenience of free WiFi.

Experience luxury and relax in the tranquility of Cloud Forest Lodge.

Senda Monteverde Hotel

Find comfort and luxury at the Senda Monteverde Hotel. This mountain lodge is a top choice for relaxation and a comfortable stay.

The hotel is situated in privacy yet a short walk from Monteverde town and a private cloud forest reserve. Additionally, it offers easy access to all Monteverde adventures and complimentary entry to the neighboring Aguti Wildlife Reserve all year long.

Get to choose from superior rooms, junior suites, premium suites, or the Senda suites; some are up on the hills, offering fantastic views of the Gulf of Nicoya, while others give you enchanting glimpses into the mystical cloud forests.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure in Costa Rica? Then, explore our Costa Rican Adventures – Arenal, Monteverde & Island Escape package, with a stay at Senda Hotel. This package also includes white water rafting, canopy tours, and glamping!

Unwind in style and comfort after a day of exploration at Senda Monteverde Hotel.

Making the Right Choice 

These are some tips to guide you in finding the perfect accommodation tailored to your preferences and needs:

  1. Consider your priorities and make a list of must-have amenities.
  2. Read reviews from other travelers to get insights into the hotel’s quality, service, and overall guest experience.
  3. Establish a budget beforehand.
  4. Choose a hotel with convenient transportation access or proximity to Monteverde’s natural reserves.
  5. Check if the hotel offers transportation options such as shuttle services or is close to public transit.
Get insights into practical tips to find the best hotels in Monteverde!

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1. Is it worth staying in Monteverde?

Staying at Monteverde is definitely worth it! Especially if you’re a nature enthusiast or an adventure seeker.

2. How many days should I stay in Monteverde?

The ideal duration of your stay in Monteverde depends on your interests and the activities you want to do. However, staying 2 to 5 days can allow you to explore the natural wonders and engage in various adventures this place offers.

3. Can you stay in the Cloud Forest?

No, you can’t stay directly in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. However, numerous hotels, lodges, and eco-friendly accommodations provide easy access to the cloud forest and other attractions. 


4. Is it easy to get around Monteverde?

Getting around Monteverde is relatively easy. If you have a rental car, you’ll have more flexibility to explore the surrounding areas. Additionally, you can take taxis and shuttle services for travel between towns and popular attractions.

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